Feeding the Wolf

Part One

Five years ago, I was on my way to officially claiming author as one of my many job titles. I was working on revisions to Fire Wolf, engaged, and living in Southern California. It was easily one of the happiest times of my life.

Then, my life took an unexpected twist, and I was suddenly moving back to Oregon and trying to sort out the curve ball life had thrown at me. All production on Fire Wolf stopped. No editing, no final revisions, no writing. Nothing. … For four years.

Last summer, I finally made the choice to pick up the pieces and see what could be glued back together. I started working on revisions again, and I found the revisions far exceeded my 2014 editing notes in areas of plot development and storytelling. I sent it back through critiquing partners to help fine-tune what was and was not working, and found an editor. I had given myself until July 2019 to finish the final draft.

But I think that was just my way of procrastinating.

Because here I am in March, and about to send Fire Wolf back for one last proofread with my editor. I’m filled with a mix of anxiety and elation. But it was time I got this done.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be posting some of the backstory for Fire Wolf. What sparked my ideas for the Fire & Reign series. How I snagged the cover (which I still am in love with!). And, of course, news about the upcoming release.

I hope you will join me for those posts, and as I embark into the realm of published fantasy author.

~H. Danielle Crabtree