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    Feeding the Wolf: Why I Write Young Adult

    Part Four: Why I Write Young Adult I’ve always had a passion for writing and reading, but until about 2007, I’d pick up a book, read, and if I liked it, I’d finish it. If I didn’t, I put it down and moved on. I read everything from Timeline by Michael Crichton to Harry Potter to the Bridget Jones books to Shakespeare without any thought to genre. I wrote what I wanted, without any idea of what genre or type of story I was crafting. The genre was whatever my imagination said to write, and I read whatever spoke to my creative mind. I didn’t find my niche as an author…

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    Feeding the Wolf: Lyulf the Wolf

    Part Three: Lyulf the wolf Asking me why I love wolves is like asking someone why his/her favorite color is blue instead of green or black instead of white. There is no definitive answer, but I have loved wolves since I was a child. I adored them in movies, in art, in folklore, and in myths. They are beautiful animals, free and independent, and if I had to come back in another life as any creature, I know I would choose the wolf. Because of this love, I guess it is only fitting that a wolf by the name of Lyulf is featured in my debut novel, Fire Wolf, the…

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    Feeding the Wolf: Origins of an Idea

    Part Two: Origin of Ideas In the spring of 2008, I moved to Flagstaff, Arizona. When you’re solo in a new town except for your best dog friend, you have a lot of time to think, imagine, and dream. Most of my dreaming took place on the Flagstaff Urban Trail System (FUTS), which crisscrosses Flagstaff, and was my backyard for three and half years. It was here, in the late spring, that my imagination introduced me to Garrett. The image in my mind was that of a boy, about twelve, and a city in flames around him. So, I wrote the story of that scene. Most writers will tell you…

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